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Super Hydro Lens Anti-Slip Spray

Super Hydro Lens Anti-Slip Spray
Prevents lenses from slipping, twisting or falling off during edging.  Bottles sold individually. 
BRAND: OptiSource
Simply spray it on your slickest AR coated lens, let it dry and apply any standard blocking pad.

 Unit: 120 ml bottle

  • Super Hydro Spray could be used instead of IFPs, Riki pads, or hydro-specific blocking pads.
  • It is designed to reduce/eliminate slippage while edging hydrophobic lenses.
  • The product gets sprayed on the lens one time with a fine mist which dries in seconds
  • Could be used with our Cobalt King blocking pads on top of it for best performance.
  • After the lens gets edged, Super Hydro Spray is removable with All Off or Alcohol.
  • One bottle will treat approximately 750 lenses.