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Optical Tools

We know that the right eyeglass screwdriver means the difference between pleasant repairs and unpleasant, uncomfortable, and frustrating experiences. Whether you repair eyeglasses for a living or just want to pick up a few optical tools for your own use, our extensive selection of screwdrivers will fill your exact need.

Size Isn't the Only Concern

It's obvious that an eyeglass screwdriver is scaled down to fit the smaller optical screws used in today's eyewear. Some of these screws are very small, and only a very small screwdriver will be able to sufficiently turn them without stripping or damage. However, there's more to a really good screwdriver than just its size. The right one will fit easily into your hand and be able to turn readily, without issues and without becoming caught. Even small options should come with several different heads which can be interchanged and used for different sizes and styles of screw.

Remember, precision work will be done with these optical tools. Don't settle for anything too small or too imprecise. Make sure you feel comfortable handling the tool and be certain that it can really get the job done. All our optical screwdrivers come with a lifetime replacement warranty, supported by our years of quality service. We're so confident you will be satisfied with our optical products that we offer one of the best replacement policies in the industry.