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Lens Edging Tools


Protect your lens and ensure a perfect cut with our selection of lens edger parts. From protection disks to blocking pads to blades, OptiSource offers only the best products for your business. Our goal is to provide a complete system for use with all types of edgers, including today's patternless edgers. If you don't see exactly what you're looking for, just get in touch with us and we'll be happy to help you find it.


Optimize Your Optical Edger


Your actual edging machine is only as good as the tools it has to work with. Proper lens protection discs and blocks will ensure that the lens is secured properly before the lens edging process begins. Lens protection discs help protect the delicate finished surface of the lens from scoring or marring by the blades that will shape it into a perfect match for the selected frame. Blocking pads prepare the surface of the lens to receive the block, ensuring a good and firm grip that will minimize losses. This is especially important with patternless edgers, which require a more secure grip to help maneuver the lens through the unique edging sequence.


Buffing, Cooling, and More

We also offer a full range of tools to help keep your lens edging machine in top condition. Our coolant and defoamer products are selected for the highest industry specifications, extending the lifetime of your optical edger machine by preventing excess temperature and minimizing harsh operating conditions. We also offer a selection of cutter blades, roughing wheels, and finishing wheels for most optical edger machines.