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Optical Lab Chemicals

The eyeglasses your optical laboratory produces are only as good as the optical lab supplies you use in the process of making them. That's why OptiSource seeks out the best products in the industry, providing your business with all the tools you need at a significant discount. Between our wide network of suppliers and our affordable yet effective in-house brand, our selection of chemicals won't disappoint.

Optical Lab Supplies, From Marking to Treatment

Chemicals for optical laboratories are a major part of what make glasses so effective and durable for the wearer. Quality optical chemicals such as UV solutions, neutralizers, heat transfer fluids and dyes can determine whether someone enjoys wearing the glasses or considers them a nuisance and a hassle. Our optical lab chemicals and optical lab equipment will ensure that your eyeglasses consistently impress the ophthalmologists that prescribe them and the patients who wear them. 

We have the chemicals needed for every step of eyeglass processing. From the initial lens marking tools required at the beginning of the process to dyes, dips, solutions, and finally marking ink removers, we offer complete solutions for optical processing companies.  Our heat transfer fluid is designed to evaporate slowly, providing a colorless, odorless, yet highly heat conductive environment for your tinting machine. In addition, it had dye neutralizing properties for accidental spills.

Superior Dyes For Thorough, Even Coloring

Our lens dyes are specially formulated to ensure adherence on any surface. Polycarbonate lenses in particular can be difficult to dye, but with our special formulation the process takes just minutes. We also offer a range of machines and tools to help ensure even coloring and proper density of color.

Optifog Lens Defogging Treatment

OptiSource also offers bulk discounts on Optifog activator. Applied to treated lenses once a week, Optifog provides industry leading protection against the hazards and dangers of fog. The lenses themselves must be pre-treated during processing; OptiSource offers the activation fluid your patients will need to keep the fog protection functioning for the entire lifespan of their glasses