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Polishing Matched Set 4-Angle

Polishing Matched Set 4-Angle
Our Matched Wheel Sets Produce the Finest Polished Edges in the Industry.
ITEM: #10-NID-35MS-FP4-120-5-2.4
This is a 2-Wheel, Nidek Matched Wheel Set. The 2-Wheel Set includes the NID-17-F4-B-120 Finishing Wheel and the NID-17-F4-POL-120 Polishing Wheel. The Nidek 2-Wheel Matched Wheel Set allows you to keep your wheel differential the same. This ULTIMATELY SAVES DOWNTIME with less calibration and buying these two wheels as a set, SAVES YOU MONEY!. Studies have found that our wheels last much longer than most OEM wheels. Our Matched Wheel Sets are 100% guaranteed to meet your satisfaction in performance and longevity. *Ask about our FREE retrue and maintenance program.
  • 2-Wheel Set - Polishing and Finishing; Keep wheel differential the same
  • Industry standards
  • Wide 17.5 / 17.5 mm size, 4 mm thickness; double the diamond bond segment then our competitor's
  • Provides smooth finishes while increasing machine production
  • 100% guaranteed to meet your satisfaction in performance and longevity
  • SAVES time and money; requires less calibration
  • Long lasting, beautiful bevels