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Horizon 3 Carbide Cutter Blades (2 blades per pack)

Horizon 3 Carbide Cutter Blades (2 blades per pack)
Carbide Cutter Blades For Your OEM Machinery
BRAND: Lab Pro
These are industry standard, disposable, Carbide Cutting Blades. Cutting Blades are small rectangular carbide pieces, that have one angled side, which creates a sharp blade surface. Only Horizon machinery uses Cutter Blades. They are designed to achieve approximately 400 cycles before they should be replaced with a new set. HOWEVER, with our available Sharpening Service, you can now have 3 TIMES the usability! After your 400 cycles, call in and/or mail in your Carbide Cutter Blades for a SUPERIOR Sharpening Service. Carbide Cutter Blades can be sharpened up to three times with the additional 400 approximate cycles after each. This SAVES time on calibration and money on shipping. Horizon 3 Carbide Cutter Blades are 1" long and have the "V" bevel on the outer edge of the blade. Minimum of 2 per order.

  • Industry standard carbide blades
  • Small rectangular carbide pieces
  • One angled side which creates a sharp blade surface
  • Disposable
  • Horizon machinery only
  • 400 approx cycles before replacement
  • *Available Sharpening Service; 3 TIMES the usability!

2 blades per pack



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