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Kimwipes EX-L (140 1-Ply Wipes)

Kimwipes EX-L (140 1-Ply Wipes)
Safely Clean Dust, Dirt, and Chemicals from Lenses
ITEM: #25-34256
BRAND: Kimberly-Clark
Unit of Measure :
These soft, Kaydry effectively clean dust, smudges, dirt and chemicals from lenses. Kaydry offers a pop-up dispenser box for handy use on display counters. 140 1-Ply Wipers. Size: (14.7 x 16.6").

  • By the box: 140 1-Ply wipes
  • By the case: 15 boxes
  • EASY-access tissue box-style container with a pop-up dispenser box
  • Effectively cleans dust, smudges, dirt and chemicals from lenses without damaging surfaces or coatings
  • EASILY stored, inexpensive, and biodegradable
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