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Deluxe Digital Pupilometer

Deluxe Digital Pupilometer
Fully Digital and Automatic Operation Yields Very Accurate Measurements 
This fully digital handheld Pupilometer is Easy and Simple to use. Its battery powered operation allows it to be used anywhere.This classic design includes all of today's technology  to make it our Best pupilometer ever. The new Calibration Reference Marks allows for recalibration if the unit is dropped or mishandled to ensure precise measurements. The durable finish will not chip or fade and is washable. The adjustable LED light source makes reading easy and allow for extra-long battery life. The fully packaged weight is 2 pounds.

  • Adjustable LED light Source
  • Auto shut of feature is adjustable between 30 seconds and 3 minutes
  • Range of focal distance from 30 cm to infinity
  • Range measurement from 45 to 82mm binocular PD, 22.5 to 41 mm monocular PD
  • Graduations in .5mm steps

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