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The Eyelid Wipe (20 wipes per box)

The Eyelid Wipe (20 wipes per box)
ITEM: #99-340-ELW20
Price: $6.99
Why not have patients return to your practice for more wipes? If your patient purchases The Eye Doctor PLUS mask, they will most likely run out of the free eyelid wipes included with the treatment pack. 

  • Preservative and detergent free
  • Completes 3-step process in eyelid hygiene
  • 20 wipes per box
  • Made in the UK
  • Ingredients: 0.9% sodium Chloride solution (basic sterile solution used to clean the lids and lashes after hot compress treatment)
  • Shelf life = 4 years
  • Large sized wipes (makes it easier for the patient to tear in half and use ½ per eye making it even better value for money).