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Silver Flat-Head Snapit Screws (250 screws)

Silver Flat-Head Snapit Screws (250 screws)
New and Improved Design Breaks Cleaner, Smoother, and Flatter
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Price: $67.75
OptiSource International is the exclusive distributor of the patented Snapit™ frame screws. These high-quality stainless steel screws have a unique, extra long feeder tab that makes handling screws a cinch and repairs a pleasure. After the screw is inserted into any hinge or eyewire the long feeder tab simply snaps off cleanly with just your fingers leaving a smooth finish. Clipping and filing of screws is eliminated. All Snapit™ screws will self-align, self-tap stripped threads and include the OptiSource Stay-Tight™ thread lock. Snapit’s revolutionary design cuts repair and mounting time in half. For fellow Presbyopes, Snapit makes assembly work seem like it is being done under magnification.   

  • Eyewires
  • Hinges
  • Spring Hinges
  • Self Taps
  • Includes Stay Tight Thread Lock
  • 250 screws in a bag

USA Patent Numbers: 8070403, 8375546, 8556556