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Riki Roll (roll of 2,000)

Riki Roll (roll of 2,000)
Clear Riki Pad
Price: $679.99
The Riki Roll is a PREMIUM GRADE Intermediary Film Pad Roll that reduces slippage while edging Hydrophobic-Coated Lenses. The Riki Roll is a TOP-PERFORMING pad that adheres to all slick top coatings. This unique adhesive found on the Riki Roll, bonds so effectively because it was created by the makers of Hydrophobic Coating. The adhesive side of the clear, thin Riki Film Roll is placed on the lens surface, and the Blocking Pad is attached on top of the IFP. After edging, removing the Riki Pad is EASY and clean. Using the Riki Roll / Intermediary Film Pad has proven to be the most effective way to protect your expensive lenses. For optimal performance, use the Riki Roll with the Crimson King Blocking Pads. Size: (39 x 25).

Unit: Roll of 2,000 Riki Pads


  • Top-performing pad adheres to all slick top-coatings
  • Effectively bonding adhesive; created by the makers of Hydrophobic Coatings
  • MOST EFFECTIVE way to protect expensive lenses
  • ELIMINATES slippage while edging Hydrophobic-Coated Lenses
  • EASY and CLEAN removal
  • EASY lift tab for QUICK removal
  • Use with the Crimson King Blocking Pad for optimal performance