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Navy Blue Eyeglass Patch

Navy Blue Eyeglass Patch
Navy Blue Eyeglass Patch
An Alternative to the Adhesive and Headband Eyepatches While Still Providing Occlusion and Protection
These colorful and designed Eyeglass Patches are handmade with quality and can EASILY be slipped over the arm of the glasses. Its versatile construction allows use on either eye, with total peripheral occlusion. Eyeglass Patches are an alternative to the adhesive "sticky" patches, which prevent irritation to the sensitive eye area as well as the headband eyepatches which can cause discomfort to some patients. "Kid friendly" design, prevents the desire to remove the Patch, or "peek". Though the Eyeglass Patch remains in place, it is breathable, allowing air to circulate. The Eyeglass Patch will not scratch the lens and the patch is also washable. Size: (90 x 85 mm).
  • Handmade with quality
  • EASILY slips over eyeglass arm
  • Versatile for either eye with total peripheral occlusion
  • Alternative to adhesive or headband patches
  • Non-irritating and hypoallergenic
  • Prevents desire to remove or "peek"
  • Breathable yet stays in place
  • Will not scratch lens
  • Washable
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