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3M Anti-Slip Discs (500 pads)

3M Anti-Slip Discs (500 pads)
1705 ANTI-SLIP DISK 24x44mm bottled shape
ITEM: #08-3M1705
Price: $69.99
These INNOVATIVE 3MAnti-Slip Disc are a double coated adhesive pad that provides a firm and secure bond between lens and block. 3M Anti-Slip Disc eliminate costly slippage and block "fall-off". 3M Anti-Slip Disc are SPECIALLY designed to meet all your edging needs. Use these 24 mm 3M Anti-Slip Disc for general edging. 3M Anti-Slip offer SUPERIOR adhesion, especially with today's new, high-tech coatings. These clear film discs are the 3M solution ti reduce slippage on hydrophobic coated lenses.

Unit: 500 pads 


  • INNOVATIVE, PREMIUM 3M double coated adhesive pad
  • Provides a firm and secure bond between lens and block
  • Eliminates costly slippage and block "fall-off"
  • Meets all your general edging needs
  • Most trusted brand in tape adhesive technology
  • SUPERIOR adhesion, especially with high-tech coatings
  • Two to three times the torque resistance of most edge pads
  • Guaranteed fresh inventory